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Greetings and Welcome to the launching of  This project has been in the makings a few years now.  But now I can actually navigate and embrace this new chapter of business. Before I can take a step forward, I must acknowledge all the great people who have supported me and my craft – a million thank you’s.   As many of you know, I have travelled extensively across the U.S and the Caribbean promoting, marketing and growing my craft and brand.  As a result of these journeys, it became clear to me that I needed to have a web presence, beyond social media,  so that I can be accessible 24/7 around the globe to my clientele.  Thus the importance of this website and another reason to rejoice and give thanks!


Here on the site you can shop directly from inventory online, order your custom piece(s), book jewelry parties,  browse the bridal section, subscribe to my monthly newsletter  and much more.  In addition you can tag us on social media and be featured on our clients blog.   You can create your own account here along with your wish list and receive additional discounts and specials.   And as always you can simply email or call about fashion, retail or wholesale opportunities.


About Blam News! …  My plan is to document my journeys, announce upcoming events, release new collections, tips on care and preservation of jewelry, share designs and highlight prolific conversations along the way.  I will also spotlight other artists along with their products.  I live by ‘each one teach one’, there are a lot of talented people who I have been blessed to meet and they need to be seen and heard. Overall my intent with the newsletter is to share my reality with you.

With that being said,  this month you can find me in Miami- creating and shooting my latest collection;  at the New Orleans Jazz Festival @Congo Square the 22-24th; jewelry parties in Baton Rouge and  Memphis.  I’m sure after this month, Jah willing I will have plenty to share in May’s Blog.

One final thing- None of this would have happened without the diligence and determination of  Flower Omega to design and create this website.    Flower, in every language, speech or tongue, I send you eternal blessings and thanks.   Straight!

April 2016 will forever be special to me, welcome to and thank you all in advance! 

One Perfect Love to each and every one!


Best Regards,

Ras Tree

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