Tool & Wire Basics – ABB 101


Tool and wire basics online 90 minute Zoom class with bonus enrollment in private support group on Facebook with other jewelry students.  Learn all about jewelry making tools and wires ala Aboriginal Bling Blam.   The attributes, sizes, types, usages, sources, safety tips and much more.  In addition, you will be taught various techniques to improve hand-eye coordination with your pliers and wire.  After this course, you will know the basics for better dexterity with your tools so that you can unlock your inner creativity much easier.  Before we can create jewelry, we have to know basics about wire and how to efficiently use our tools first.

This course is a keystone course to everything else ABB will offer, and it is a prerequisite to all subsequent courses to follow.

Student Needs:  Grip-tipped needle nose pliers;  4 ft of copper wire: 14/16/18/ gauges (pick one)

Class time 7pm – 8:30pm CST .  Course dates TBA  January-April 2023

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Whether you are experienced or brand new to wire-wrapped jewelry, Tool & Wire Basics 101 is for you.    This online course,  is designed to give the student confidence and general knowledge of metal wires and jewelry making tools; improve hand/eye coordination for better dexterity; and find out where to get  metal supplies and tools both online or locally in your city.  This includes wire and tool safety measures as well.  In this course you will get industry secrets and trade shortcuts.  You will also learn various wire gauges, ergonomic techniques and tool grips.  In class, I will demonstrate tasks on how to prep your wire, make basic links and shapes in order to improve hand-eye coordination with your tools.   This course is the  foundation of my craft and a prerequisite for further jewelry classes like rings, earrings, necklaces etc.  Until the student can utilize their tools efficiently, it will be extremly challenging and difficult to learn how to make wire jewelry ala Aboriginal Bling Blam.

As a bonus, you will be given access to a private Facebook Group found only on my FB Business Page.  You must follow or like the page to be a member in this group.  This is a support group for students from all stages: 101-Tool & Wire Basics to 520 -Stone Etiquette and Advanced Sales.  Students can interact with each other, share images and techniques.  Once a week I will interact with my students, offer insider secrets, observe and do brief follow ups.

After purchase, follow up email will enclose: welcome; Zoom meeting ID and passcode; where to find pliers and wire online or locally in your community; and my direct contact information for any questions or comments.

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Wire Wrap and toolsTool & Wire Basics – ABB 101