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  • Choker

    Nickel Pyrite Choker


    Be the bling and the blam with this pyrite choker!  Made to ride the neckline, this nickel silver choker will dazzle any room.   Step out in confidence knowing this fire stone assists in ambitious pursuits and manifestation.

  • 2 PC

    Nickel Pyrite King Set – 2PC


    Lift up yourself with this pyrite jewelry set.   Pyrite is about that action as it is a fire stone.    Manifest and plow through your ambitious pursuits with iron pyrite.  Enhance your outer appeal  with focused zeal.  This 2Pc set boasts a 24 in chain necklace and spectacular robust bracelet.

  • Necklaces

    Nickel Pyrite Necklace- Deluxe


    Pyrite is a fire stone, as its name suggests.  Power through your plans or goals making it excellent for ambitious pursuits and inner zeal.   Blocks  and deflects negative energy.

  • Necklaces

    Brass Prehnite/Quartz/Pyrite Necklace


    Prehnite is a crystal that heals the healer. Found in central Africa, this stone is excellent for anyone who counsels or gives of themselves in their profession.  Helping to gently restore yourself to your core.  The Pyrite and Quartz activate and amplify the poweres of the prehnite making a for purpose driven healing campaign.

  • Bracelets

    Copper Fluorite w/ Pyrite Matrix Bracelet


    This rare specimen from Morocco is pyrite matrix in green fluorite.  This unique crystal helps to encourage your best internal aspects to be on display.    This bracelet incorporates brass top wrap as well for a nice two-tone look.

  • Rings

    Ankh Pyrite Ring


    Allow this iron pyrite to do all your sparkling.  This well crafted nickel ankh ring is outstanding as well. This stone is excellent for drive and ambition.

    Sized to fit.

  • Rings

    Brass Pyrite Ring


    Pyrite is a fire stone, as it’s name suggest.  Great for ambitious pursuits and zeal.  Blocks negative energy.  Sized to fit.

  • 2 PC

    Nickel Iron Pyrite Set -Bracelet & Ring


    This nickel pyrite set is the bling and blam!  Day or night these stones shine in the light. Shine, smile and sparkle!

    Sized to fit.

  • Pendants

    Nickel Solar Pyrite Disc – Stone Pendant


    If you need to shine under heavy pressure, or show out in tough circumstances, this stone pendant is for you.  That’s how this pyrite is formed and it’s here to help you match that same result.

    Ready for your chain or cord.

    1 cent coin used for size/scale.

  • Bracelets

    Two Tone Pyrite Bracelet


    Enjoy this two tone pyrite bracelet combining both copper and nickel.  The copper ensures a warm fit and feel, while the nickel assists in helping the pyrite shine and glisten.  Just as pyrites shines, it’s attributes want to help you do the same.  Need help with confidence or ambitious pursuits?  Pyrite is the stone for you.

    This is a unisex unit and is sized to fit.

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