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  • 2 PC

    Nickel Black Onyx Set


    Onyx grounds, protects,  provides gentle strength and so much more!  Anchor your root chakra with wonderful black onyx stone, set to nickel silver.

  • 2 PC

    Nickel Rutilated Quartz Hand Set


    The spiritual meaning of Rutilated Quartz is that of the “illuminator,” the connector of all 114 chakras in the human body, and the crystal that will connect your entire being to the divine, from your root to your crown.

  • 2 PC

    Nickel Tiffany Stone Set


    Tiffany Stone is a transformer stone that will show you the way back to your soul purpose!  When you connect to the energies of this stone, it will match and vibrate to your personal energies.  This rare stone can only be found in Utah and it boasts several healing properties for self care and help.

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    Nickel Atlantisite Hand Set


    Atlantisite combines green serpentine and purple stitchtite which makes it very beautiful to look at.  Beneath the surface, this stone helps you find peace, stabilze your mood, and access ancient wisdom.  We don’t carry this stone very often but we are happy have to it in our collection.

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    Nickel Smokey Quartz Hand Set


    This light tinted smokey quartz is waiting to assist you in clearing and seeeing through problems.  It is also known to ground and protect too.

  • Earrings

    Nickel Quartz Earrings- Long


    Enjoy this Clear Quartz Earrings set on nickel silver.  Measures about 3 inches in length.  Hooks are nickel-free and hypo allergenic.

  • Barefoot Sandal

    Barefoot Sandal


    Adorn your foot with these Barefoot Sandals. Let’s help that pedicure pop!   These are perfect for the beach, pool,  backyard, or an indoor pampering party, etc..   Choose your metal, stone and shoe size.

  • Necklaces

    Nickel Black Obsidian Slab Necklace


    Magical Obsidian not only is good for protection and grounding, but also known to reveal things quickly.  Gathered just north of Mt. Shasta, CA.

  • Necklaces

    Nickel Smokey Elestial Quartz Necklace – Large


    Elestial Quartz taps into your DNA and past lives.  This  stone has a ancient guiding voice which assists in situations and events.  Comes on 10mm genuine braided leather strap.

  • Bracelets

    Nickel Pink Agate Bracelet


    Pink Agate is another heart chakra stone.  It is known for stregthening parent and child bonds.  This bracelet is boasts multi-metals of both nickel and brass.

  • 2 PC

    Nickel Rose Quartz Set – 2pc


    Feel the glow of universal love and infinite peace with this rose quartz set.   Both units are sized to fit, bracelet has hints of brass in top wrap.

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    Nickel Lapis Lazuli / Quartz Set – 3pc


    Lapis Lazuli is a stone of supreme royalty.  Opens the third eye and balances the throat chakra.  Protective and aids in spiritual development. Set includes choker, earrings, cuff.  Sized to fit.

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