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  • Necklaces

    Clear Quartz Necklace


    Clear quartz is the mother to all crystals.  Amplify and attunement are some of the great aspects of this crystal and more!  This unit multi-stone design features three outstanding brazilian quartz in the pendant.  Chain measures about 18 inches.

  • Necklaces

    Copper Aqua Aura Quartz / Cowrie Shell Necklace


    Dazzled by this combo?  Don’t worry everyone else will be too.   One look at this unique pairing and you will fall in love.   These two help protect your aura and energize it along with divine feminity.  *THIS ITEM IS MARKED DOWN DUE TO FADING OF CRYSTAL DUE TO OVEREXPOSED UV LIGHT.

  • Necklaces

    Brass Prehnite/Quartz/Pyrite Necklace


    Prehnite is a crystal that heals the healer. Found in central Africa, this stone is excellent for anyone who counsels or gives of themselves in their profession.  Helping to gently restore yourself to your core.  The Pyrite and Quartz activate and amplify the poweres of the prehnite making a for purpose driven healing campaign.

  • Bracelets

    Copper Chrysocolla / Kyanite Bracelet


    This copper chrysocolla/kyanite bracelet was designed in honor of the divine feminine.  Chyrosocalla brings the power of femininity in both men and women, while the kyanite channels high vibrations and rapidly transfers it’s energy.  Imagine how you will feel with this copper bracelet on your wrist, knowing all that it possesses.  Is this you?  This unisex bracelet is sized to fit the owner.

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