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    Brass Red Jasper Set – 2pc


    Jaspers are supreme nurturing stones in times of trouble or stress.  These red jaspers also stimulate the will and the sacral chakra.  Ring and Arm Bangle units  are sized to fit.

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    Brass Red Jasper Ring


    Welcome Red Jasper known as a nurturing and supportive stone in times of stress.  This stone color jumps off of the brass setting, making a warm yet stunning ring.

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    Brass Jasper Ring


    Jaspers are supporting and nurturing.  This warm combination of orange, grey and brown make a unique speciman.  Set on brass, sized to fit.

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    Nickel Yellow Jasper


    Be inspired and sure at the same time with this yellow jasper stone.  Jaspers bring nurturing support in times of stress and need.

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