clear quartz

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  • Rings

    Brass Clear Quartz Ring


    Turn up the vibes with this sleek combination.  This clear stone compliments the brass very well in regards to brillance.  Amplify and shine!

  • Rings

    Copper Quartz Ankh Ring


    Tell your story without saying a word with this clear quartz ankh ring set to copper.  Generate your life force and amply it to the world!

  • Rings

    Brass Clear Quartz Ring


    Check out this beautiful brass clear quartz ring!  The ring has hammered texture, which allows the metal to catch light from all angles, bringing an illuminated feel.  It further animates the already energetic clear quartz.  Be prepared for non-stop compliments with this ring.

    Sized to fit.

  • Bracelets

    Copper Africa Quartz Pyramid Bracelet


    This Copper Africa clear quartz  pyramid  Bracelet welcomes all Pan-Africans from across the planet.  Represent Momma Africa at your next outing or festival.  Copper and Quartz form a formidable team as they conduct and amplify your energy.   This unit is unisex and sized to fit.

  • Bracelets

    Nickel Clear Quartz Bracelet


    This nickel clear quartz bracelet is cool as cucumber.  Perfect for all seasons and all outfits, ready to amplify your vibes.  Unisex and sized to fit.


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