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    Brass African Amethyst Set


    This deep purple amethyst comes out of the Congo in Africa.  This raw specimen of amethyst is a potent as it looks.  Packed with all of the powers of amethyst, yet very dense.

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    Brass Lapis Hand Set


    Unleash your psychic abilities and activate your third eye with this deep lapis lazuli set.  With lapis, truth and royalty work hand in hand.  This brass set is stunning and sizes to fit.

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    Brass Amethyst Hand Set


    One of best overall healing stones is amethyst.  It works wonders for all aspects of the mind, aids in perception and good for focus or meditation.  Did I mention protection and sobriety too?

  • Arm Cuff

    Brass Carnelian Arm Cuff- Lower


    Regenerate your powers with carnelian.  It has a lot of good use as a stone vitality and zeal.  However it is also good for overcoming any type of abuse and allows you to trust yourself.

  • Arm Cuff

    Brass Herkimer Cuff – Forearm


    Herkimer Diamonds are known to transmit powerful energy  with higher attunement, astral connections and clarity.  Set to Brass this arm cuff won’t have any problems grabbing attention to your lovely unit.  Universal fit for the wrist/foream.

  • Barefoot Sandal

    Barefoot Sandal


    Adorn your foot with these Barefoot Sandals. Let’s help that pedicure pop!   These are perfect for the beach, pool,  backyard, or an indoor pampering party, etc..   Choose your metal, stone and shoe size.

  • Choker

    Brass Selenite Choker


    Selenite provides clarity and vibrates at a high frequency.  Excellent at clearing your space and promoting comraderie.

  • Bracelets

    Brass Clear Quartz Bracelet


    Amplify your vibes with this Clear Quartz Bracelet.  Also good for attuning your chakras.  Bracelet is sized to fit.

  • Necklaces

    Brass Labradorite Ankh Necklace


    Protective and guiding Labradorite is a universal crystal amongst mystics world-wide.  This stone assists those who are seeking to learn more about the esoteric and metaphysical sciences.  Set to wire and beads.

  • Necklaces

    Brass Prehnite/Quartz/Pyrite Necklace


    Prehnite is a crystal that heals the healer. Found in central Africa, this stone is excellent for anyone who counsels or gives of themselves in their profession.  Helping to gently restore yourself to your core.  The Pyrite and Quartz activate and amplify the poweres of the prehnite making a for purpose driven healing campaign.

  • Bracelets

    Copper Raw Chrysoprase Bracelet


    Chrysoprase promotes joy and happiness and brings through the vibration of Divine Truth.  This bracelet has copper and splash of brass top wrap wire.

  • Bracelets

    Nickel Pink Agate Bracelet


    Pink Agate is another heart chakra stone.  It is known for stregthening parent and child bonds.  This bracelet is boasts multi-metals of both nickel and brass.

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