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  • 2 PC

    Brass African Amethyst Set


    This deep purple amethyst comes out of the Congo in Africa.  This raw specimen of amethyst is a potent as it looks.  Packed with all of the powers of amethyst, yet very dense.

  • 2 PC

    Brass Amethyst Hand Set


    One of best overall healing stones is amethyst.  It works wonders for all aspects of the mind, aids in perception and good for focus or meditation.  Did I mention protection and sobriety too?

  • Bracelets

    Copper Amethyst Geode Bracelet – Wide


    Amethyst is great for calm, sobriety and higher consciousness plus much more!  Covers the width of the wrist.   Sized to Fit.

  • 2 PC

    Brass Amethyst Ankh Deluxe Set


    Good vibes, peace of mind, clarity and more are found with amethyst.  The Ankh pendant is from Ethiopia, the raw deep amethyst comes from Zambia.  This set exemplies Aboriginal Bling Blam regality to the highest order.   Set is sized to fit.

  • 2 PC

    Copper Amethyst Set – 2pc


    Good vibes, peace of mind, clarity and more are found with amethyst.  Both pieces of amethyst have outstanding clarity and brillance.  The ring is ~2.5 inches long, set is sized to fit.

  • Rings

    Brass Deep Amethyst Anhk Ring


    This symbol of life paired with the abundant healing powers of this deep raw amethyst from the Congo is shocking.  This unit will command attentiion and will be the subject of many conversations.  Sized to fit.

  • Rings

    Copper Amethyst Ring – Large


    Good vibes, peace of mind, clarity and more are found with amethyst.  This larger unit will be loud when you walk in the room.

  • Earrings

    Raw Amethyst Earrings


    Raw violet colored amethyst earrings wrapped in copper.   Hooks are 100% hypo-allergenic.


  • Rings

    Copper Amethyst Ring


    Amethyst is one of the best stones for healing.  This stone is wonderful for the body, mind and spirit.  This stone is loaded with calming benefits.

    Sized to fit.

  • Rings

    Nickel Amethyst Ring


    Amethyst is one of best healing stones.   Great for physical, spiritual and especially mental health.  And a whole lot more!

    Sized to fit.

  • Choker

    Nickel Amethyst Geode Choker


    This amethyst choker will pair well with a sundress or sarong on a bright sunshiny day.   Let this wonderful choker to tell your story, every time you wear it!  This unit also includes many smiles and compliments.

  • 2 PC

    Copper Amethyst Set – Bracelet & Ankh Ring


    This copper amethyst set is special indeed.  Just as the ankh represents life, this ring is going to stop traffic, all day – everyday. And the kundalini kuff style bracelet, with the amethyst centered between the copper waves for the bands is crazy too.  Good for a snug fit and a warm feel around your wrist.

    Each unit is sized to fit.

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