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  • Solar Spex

    Solar Spex – Neon Green Hearts


    Wear these neon green heart shaped Solar Spex to work or play.   These feature our unique wire design and craftsmanship.   Made of Nickel Silver.

  • Solar Spex

    Solar Spex Sunglasses- Robust Brown / Carnelian Crescent Moon


    These Solar Spex are not regular sunglasses.  They draw out a different characteristic of your personality that you will enjoy. Somewheres between your cosmic and earthly self.  These robust brown PC lenses and the carnelian crescent moon are stylishly alluring.   Handcrafted with round copper wire.

  • Solar Spex

    Solar Spex – Blue Butterfly / Blue Agate


    Activate chill mode with these stylish blue butterfly shaped Solar Spex.   Crafted with blue butterfly PC lenses and paired with a blue agate.  Agates are stones that help harmonize and stabilize your energy.  Don’t let these outstanding butterfly designs fly away.   Made with round copper wire.

  • Solar Spex

    Solar Spex – Red Hearts / Rose Quartz


    Show some love with these red heart Solar Spex!  Paired with a rose quartz heart, these will surely stun the crowd.  Designed with round copper wire to complete the love synergy.

  • 2 PC

    Yellow Agate Jewelry – 2 PC Set


    This yellow agate will brighten you up and your outfit!   Known to bring harmony and stability this agate makes a wonderful  spiritual assistant.   Breathe life into your world with this outstanding arm bangle as well.  Necklace is made of nickel silver , chain measures approximately 18 inches.

  • Choker

    Nickel Pyrite Choker


    Be the bling and the blam with this pyrite choker!  Made to ride the neckline, this nickel silver choker will dazzle any room.   Step out in confidence knowing this fire stone assists in ambitious pursuits and manifestation.

  • Necklaces

    Clear Quartz Necklace


    Clear quartz is the mother to all crystals.  Amplify and attunement are some of the great aspects of this crystal and more!  This unit multi-stone design features three outstanding brazilian quartz in the pendant.  Chain measures about 18 inches.

  • Necklaces

    Brass Malachite Slab Necklace


    This beauty is one of one!  This botryoidal malachite slab is gorgeous to behold.   The intricate details and vivid hues of the green copper carbonate are truly spectacular in this slab. The brass work is second to known as we feature alluring spiral links .   Chain measures approximately 18 inches.

  • 2 PC

    Red Coral Goddess Chain w Earrings


    This red coral jewelry  set is made to evoke passion and awaken the inner goddess. While not a stone, red coral is known for healing, protection and wisdom.   Enjoy this 2 pc set with heart shaped earrings and this goddess chain.

  • 2 PC

    Blue Magnesite – Brass 2PC Set


    Check out this blue magnesite set with ring and ankh earrings. Magnesite are calming and  are excellent stones for supporting others while remaining anchored in yourself without being afflicted by their traumas.  This dyed blue magnesite is often mistaken for turquoise.  Ring is sized to fit.    Earring hooks are nickel free and hypoallergenic.

  • 2 PC

    Nickel Pyrite King Set – 2PC


    Lift up yourself with this pyrite jewelry set.   Pyrite is about that action as it is a fire stone.    Manifest and plow through your ambitious pursuits with iron pyrite.  Enhance your outer appeal  with focused zeal.  This 2Pc set boasts a 24 in chain necklace and spectacular robust bracelet.

  • 2 PC

    Copper Kundalini Quartz Set


    This Kundalini Quartz hails all the way from the Congo.  Kundalini quartz is a type of citrine, however  in addition, it ruthlessly activates your kundalini energy for clearing, healing, and activation.   This deluxe set is made of copper with 31 in necklace chain and bracelet.   Lengths and sizes can be  adjusted to your preference.

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