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    Polished Kyanite 3PC Set


    These polished kyanite beautys are truly gorgeous specimens.  Inspire compassion and companionship with kyanite.  This mighty stone helps you find your truth as well as excellent for dream recall and understanding.   This brass set includes:  hair barrette, pendant w chain, and earrings.

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    Copper Rhodonite Set – 3pc


    Rhodonite is one of the best stones for self love.  Representing both the heart and root chakras, be sure to have this in your self-care arsenal.  Set comes with Choker, bracelet and ring, all sized to fit.

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    Nickel Lapis Lazuli / Quartz Set – 3pc


    Lapis Lazuli is a stone of supreme royalty.  Opens the third eye and balances the throat chakra.  Protective and aids in spiritual development. Set includes choker, earrings, cuff.  Sized to fit.

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    Copper White Magnesite Set – 3pc


    Magnesite brings deep peace.  Has shielding effect on other peoples issues and problems, allowing you to be balanced and unbiased in your assistance.  Stones cut to oval and heart shapes.

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    Brass Green Earth Tone Set – 3pc


    This unique combination of malachite, dolomite, and chlorite (mica form) creates a visual wonder.  These stones combine to form a powerful healing amulet as well.   The ring is form fitting, bracelet has arch-links and the necklace has all the sauce.  Everything sized to fit

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    Brass Purple Agate Set – 3pc


    Agates are known for grounding and bringing balance to varous aspects of your life.  This purple agate set is waiting for the right place to call home.  Set includes choker, arm bangle, and ring.

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