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    Two Tone Labradorite Bracelet


    Two tone labradorite bracelet is styled with both brass and nickel metals.  This combination helps to further illuminate the glow of this magical stone.  Known as an ‘aura sealer and protector”, this stone never fails in it’s hidden appeal.  This stone reminds you to “never judge a book by it’s cover”, as this grayish/greenish stone comes alive as soon as light hits it.  Find the right angle and enjoy the light show.  This Unisex bracelet is sized to fit.

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    Copper Aragonite Bracelet


    This unit is not for the faint of heart.  It is designed with the warriors and kings in mind.  This unit has the size, weight and girth to remind you of its presence.   While boasting a a robust design, the properties of aragonite helps to tune into the Earth reminding you of Mother Nature and her essence.  Reassuring the Self with confidence, awareness, gratitude and focus.  This unit is sized to fit.

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    Amethyst Copper Geode Bracelet


    Walk with confidence with this amethyst copper bracelet. Amethyst brings about sobriety and a clear mind while amplified by the copper frame.  This standard unit is adjustable and fits all.

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